Yes. A properly set up funnel can make your practice a lot more money, actually.
If you’ve read anything on how to sell something online, then I’m sure you’ve seen the word “funnel.” They’re certainly the hot topic of digital marketing and I must admit for good reason. A properly set up funnel that complements a practice’s offerings results in massive success.

But when I first tried to understand the funnel, the damn thing perplexed the hell out of me.

“Where do I find this funnel? Can I get stuff back out of the funnel? How do I create one of these magical funnels all these internet guys rave about?”

Luckily you can spare yourself and your practice the embarrassment and wasted time.

I’m here to make it nice and easy for you: a sales funnel is simply just the process you take someone through to get them to ascend through the different levels of your offerings, starting with bait then moving through to the more valuable offerings. Obviously, since we’re a digital marketing company, we focus on the digital aspect of sales funnel for medical offices. Let me explain a little more.

funnelYou first draw out who your ideal customer is. Then, we do some research and anticipate where these ideal customers may be. After that, we create a cheap but attractive offer (our bait) and throw it out in front of a bunch of “traffic” (or people, that’s all traffic is.)

You’ll get some bites and that’s when you start to move them through your value ladder ( or different set of offerings, low to high.)

And eventually, a customer who initially took your bait and clicked on your “free teeth cleaning” ad on Facebook is now getting dental implants a year down the road. The whole goal is to conversion!

New customers tiptoeing into your practice at the low-end to eventually buying your most expensive products/services at your back-end.

And it’s like they say, “once a customer, always a customer.” If you sell someone once, they’ll be back for more.

And that’s the beauty of a funnel.


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