#1 – They buy from snake oil salesman. Never trust someone who promises you the first spot on Google or other extravagant claims. Credible digital marketers know the game is always changing and this is simply impossible.

#2 – They blindly spend money on Adwords. If medical professionals aren’t careful their advertising budget can sky rocket. Keywords like “dentist” and “surgeon” are some of the most expensive on Google. It’s better to stay away from these terms and get creative!

#3 – They try to do it by themselves. A successful marketing campaign can’t be done by putting in a couple hours a week or working on it when you get down time. You need a committed team that knows the rules of the game and can play to get you results fast.

#4 – Ignore social media. Or just as bad, do the bare minimum. Your customers spend more time on social media than any other platform. If you’re not utilizing this precious goldmine and connecting with your community here, you’re missing out on possibly the most valuable tool you have.