At MDM, we’d love to do business with everyone. However, excellent service for our clients is our core value and time simply doesn’t permit us to do business with everyone. That’s why we take our time and make sure it’s a good fit for both parties. If our goals, expectations and commitment are in alignment with yours, then we’d be thrilled to do business with you. Please take a moment to read and understand our client guidelines below:


  1. Proof an an Active Clinic, Business or Practice. Our goal is to help doctors and health professionals generate more patients, and provide them access to to much larger and targeted audiences. The system we use for our clients generates anywhere from 2 to 5 times more patients than they previously had.
    If a prospective client does not have a current patient base or is not committed to significantly increasing their patient base, we cannot our provide services. Unfortunately, this excludes most new healthcare clinics.
  2. Credible Practice or Health Business. At MDM, we emphasize the importance of our partners having a positive reputation. Since we will be bringing many new people to your place of business, we want to ensure that we are sending individuals to businesses that provide quality healthcare and keep the interests of their patients first


If your practice or business meets the above guidelines, feel free to schedule a time for us to talk. This will be a free strategy session where you speak with our team directly and we can begin advising you on your business. To begin this process, complete the form below. Once your application is submitted, a MDM representative will review your application and reach out to you within 24 hours.